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About Us

Our online degree programs offer instruction which give emphasis to communication, critical thinking, cultural and social understanding, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning, exposure to the humanities and the arts, and technological literacy. Leighton understands the increasing importance of a global perspective and of helping students learn to function in a complex society.

Leighton University has a special commitment to busy adult students who must make a balance between work, family, and the pursuit of a quality degree program that offers flexibility and value.

Why Enroll With Us?
We're invested in our students to help them achieve their fullest academic and career potentials.

Tuition Lock Option
Lock in on an affordable tuition rate from start to finish no matter how long that will be. It will never go up!

Exceptional Faculty
Learn from professors who have real-world experiences and industry qualification to position you for a variety of careers.

Accessible Support
Our devoted professors believe in each of our students and generously provide them the gift of high expectation.