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Board of Trustees

As the University’s chief governing body, the Board of Trustees exercises fiduciary responsibility for advancing Leighton University’s mission and goals in a sustainable manner, through wise stewardship of all of its resources for the common good and for generations to come. Leighton's Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated professionals with demonstrated success in their chosen fields, a passion for Leighton, and a commitment to Leighton's mission. Initially, the board is comprised of five voting members. Additionally, the University Chancellor appoints one full time student and one faculty member to serve on the board as non-voting members in ex officio capacity. Together, trustees set the direction of the university, and ensure Leighton's continued well-being and work to sustain its foundation of excellence. 

Board of Trustees is responsible for:

    • Setting the University’s vision, strategic directions and overall goals and outcomes by following appropriate laws and other government policies, and the strategic plan.
    • Approving Board policy.
    • Approving the annual business plans, budget and annual report.
    • Hiring the chancellor.
    • Delegating accountability for the performance and operation of the University to the chancellor.
    • Evaluating the chancellor’s performance.

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