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Our University

As a non-affiliated private institution dedicated to meeting students where they are and transforming them into lifelong learners, Leighton provides a student‐centered education with a foundation of the liberal arts and the sciences while embracing a tradition of access, exceptional teaching, and commitment to student success that significantly contributes to the development of the region and beyond. Leighton University's entire online programs provide convenient opportunities for working adults to further their education without disrupting work and family commitments.

Leighton University's online program offerings allow students to earn associates and full degrees, including the Education degree at the graduate level, update their skills as they accelerate the completion of degree programs without the inconvenience and expense of commuting to class. Our online programs' design responds to today's information-intense, knowledge-based society while reaching a sizeable underserved adult student population that needs or wants the flexibility of completing a degree without having to attend traditional classroom sessions. Students can apply, register, attend class, and interact with their professors and fellow students without ever setting foot on a brick-and-mortar campus.

Mission Statement of the University

Leighton University, a private non-affiliated institution, has a focus on meeting students where they are through accessible, student-centered, quality higher education that blends the liberal arts with career-focused degree programs marked by individualized attention, civility, and respect for differences within a supportive space where students take ownership of their learning and are motivated to succeed in an environment that promotes inclusive excellence.

Our Vision Statement

To fulfill its mission the University strives for quality, innovation and continuous improvement as it pursues the following goals:

  • Promote inclusive Excellence
  • Enhance the academic quality and competitiveness of the University.
  • Improve teaching and learning.
  • Strengthen scholarly research and creative achievement.
  • Support and sustain student development and quality of life.
  • Broaden global perspectives.
  • Advance the University through select, strategic alliances.

Our Core Values

The institution's core values guide the University's commitment and aspirations to promote student learning and success, faculty scholarship and research, and community engagement.  The following seven values are what the University stands for and are, therefore, of intrinsic value expressed in its ethos and fundamental commitments:


Academic Excellence

We are a community that pursues excellence in the academy whose commitment is vested in teaching, learning, and professional preparation to serve the local, national, and international communities. We treasure the institution's autonomy and the veracity necessary to uphold the highest levels of intellectual inquiry and academic freedom standards.

Champion Student Success

We are a community that strives to nurture students for success in their academic journey, graduate promptly, and fully realize their academic and potential as they benefit from their unsurpassed education and preparation rigor.

Acts of Integrity

We are a community that strives to engage in honest communications, fairness, ethical manners, and accountability for words and deeds in all University activities and decision-making.

Commitment to Inclusivity

We are a community that embraces inclusive excellence where all individuals' unique attributes and contributions are valued to enhance the richness of our academic environment regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, political beliefs, spiritual perspectives or other ideologies.

Immersion in Innovation

We are a community that dedicates its stakeholder to discovering and applying knowledge in teaching and learning and developing innovative ideas and processes to form collaboration across disciplines to stimulate and create positive transformation through teaching, research, and service.

Value of Added Engagement

We are a community that encourages and supports its faculty, staff, and students in all forms of scholarship, including acts of discovery and expansion knowledge and truth.

Power of  Technology

We are a community that values the enduring power of technology and information systems and the resources entrusted to our care. With vigilance, we will maintain the integrity of these critical assets

Guided by its mission, vision, and core values, Leighton University is committed to the belief that everyone should be given a high quality and accessible educational opportunities to acquire, to develop and to extend his or her innate abilities for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and be a lifelong learner able contribute and compete, with confidence, in a diverse and global community.

Leighton University commits itself to diversity as it relates to awareness, education, respect and practice at every level of our infrastructure. The University embraces persons of all backgrounds, defined by, but not limited to, ethnicity, culture, race, gender, class, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical ability, learning differences, and political perspectives. As an institution of higher learning, the University believes its core values are strengthened when all of its members have a voice and representation.