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Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is central to the academic activity of the University. The Senior Vice President supports us for Academic Affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs fosters a quality educational environment, ensuring that student learning and success remain central to our engagement.  To achieve these goals, the Office of Academic Affairs is devoted to the inclusion of academic administrators, faculty, staff, other divisions of the University, and the Chancellor, through a shared governance model to advance Leighton University. We also make communication and transparency a symbol of the office and the entire Division of Academic Affairs.

Academic Affairs Mission

Our mission is to prepare students through online systems for successful lifelong learning, employment, and dedicated faculty and staff to create and foster a rich learning environment that endows students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in their professional endeavors and to lead in service to their communities.

Function of the Division

The Office of Academic Affairs provides leadership to the academic community and coordinates all students' academic life at Leighton University. The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs directs the development of programs of study; review and execution of academic standards, policies; and regulations; and is responsible for ensuring the continuity and integrity of all curricula in the context of the institutional mission and goals of endorsing and promoting diversity and quality. 

Further, this Office acts as the liaison within the academic community and between the academic and other communities in collaboration with other University divisions in strategic and long-range planning.