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Student Services

Leighton cares about your success and your well-being.  If you could use some help making ends meet, we have support services to help! The Student Services whose primary intends are to help students  in achieving their educational goals through core matriculation services as well as support services that are necessary to assist our students in meeting their academic, personal, and career objectives.

The Office of Student Services (OSS) provides administrative leadership for the development of programs and services that help students clarify and fulfill their needs and objectives, and that contribute to a constructive learning journey through their individual programs. The office serves as a general point of contact for students and their families regarding student life. It coordinates student affairs efforts with the Leighton academic schools and departments, and other administrative units in the areas of student conduct, due process and student-related legal matters.

The primary mission of all educational institutions is learning. Leighton recognizes that there are many activities and programs outside of the online classes that enhance the learning process. Consequently, numerous student services have been established to help students move toward the attainment of their goals. Through the OSS, a variety of services are offered to students, prospective students, college personnel, and graduates.  The goal of the Office of Student Services dedicates itself in helping students, and others, benefit from the personal, social, career, and educational opportunities available to them.  Professional advisors are available for academic advising, personal counseling and intervention, and career development.

As a student of Leighton University, you do have access to a
variety of academic and student support services throughout your program. These are in place to assist you along a challenging and formative experience here at Leighton.

Career Development Services

The Career Development Center (CDC) provides educational, career and human development services at no cost to students. Professional staff work with currently enrolled students to help them establish educational goals, develop a career direction, and make personal adjustments to get the most from their University experience. Students are encourage to liaise with CAC to help identify their interests, abilities, values, and needs in order to effectively and reasonably plan their academic and career goals.

Counseling & Advocacy Services

Assisting students to assess and understand their problems, define goals, and modify their behaviors, perceptions, beliefs, and emotions to enable them to lead more satisfying lives and to receive maximum benefit from their educational experiences. Additionally, the Counseling and Crisis Intervention Center provides professional consultation and/or immediate response for individuals experiencing intense personal crisis.

Advisement & Retention Services

Academic advising is an integral part of your undergraduate education. The University strives to provide each student with the resources, guidance, and support to achieve your academic, career, and personal goals. An Early Warning System has been developed as part of the University’s retention effort and initiates contact between students and University personnel who can provide appropriate intervention to meet student needs and increase the University’s retention rate.