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Arts and Science

The School of Arts and Sciences provides most of the academic components fundamental to the core curriculum of the University’s CORE Education Program in addition to traditional liberal a studies degree and is comprised of humanities, mathematics, social sciences, and the natural sciences. Courses in the humanities include English and history. Courses in the social sciences include political science, psychology, sociology, and criminology. Courses in the natural sciences include sciences of biology, chemistry, computer science, and mathematics.

The organizational structure of the School of Arts and Sciences includes the following four departments:

  1. Programs in Criminal Justice    – BS degree | AS degree
  2. Programs in  Liberal Studies  –BS degree |AS degree
  3. Programs in  Paralegal Studies  – BS degree | AS degree

Program Outcomes

In addition to Institutional Learning Outcomes [ILO] the School of Arts & Sciences expects student who complete any of the degree program offered by the School, the following expectations must be achieved prior graduation.

Human Relationship Skills:
The application of values, collaboration skills, standards, and ethical judgment required for personal and professional interaction.

Critical Thinking Skills
The ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information in a logical and coherent manner.

Global Perspectives Skills
The ability to examine a concept in contexts and from perspectives other than one’s own.

Investigative Skills
The application of strategies, resources, and attitudes to find solutions and gain knowledge.

Associate's of Science in Liberal Studies

Experience the flexibility of a Liberal Studies' Associate Degree program.

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies

Pursue a degree you control your areas of study to earn a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree for those who wish to create their own course of study and relish the option of pursuing their interests across multiple fields.