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Associate of Science in Liberal Studies

Program At a Glance

Students who gain broad knowledge and skill sets from their majors actually have more career options than their peers majoring in more specialized fields.

A. S. Liberal Studies

For the student in search of a broad education rather than for training in a particular occupation, the Liberal Studies path offers a rewarding degree program. A Liberal Studies degree prepares students for many kinds of careers because the coursework gives them skills, knowledge, and perspectives needed to succeed. The program consists of two years of studies in the different branches of Social Science, Humanities and Fine Arts. After graduating with this degree, a student is better prepared to enter the work force or transfer into a bachelor’s degree program for further studies.

The Associates of Science in Liberal Studies is the foundation for many college majors and for the Bachelor’s degree. The value of a liberal arts education is multi-faceted. It signals to employers that, as a degree holder, you have advanced skills in communication, critical thinking, group dynamics and awareness and an appreciation of other cultures, which all are vital to success in today’s workplace. You will learn how to think, collaborate, create, problem solve, communicate and lead. You will become more marketable. You will be more adaptable.

We believe that a good education empowers people and that empowered individuals promote positive social change. We want our students to acquire academic skills along with increased self-awareness. The department offers a variety of courses designed to spark imagination, creativity, and curiosity. The Liberal Studies program is also strongly committed to integrating divergent viewpoints into all classes. Liberal Studies majors graduate with a better understanding of themselves, their community, and their place in the world.

Program length = 62 Credit Hours Minimum

Transfers in Credit Hours = 45 Maximum

The Associate of Science in Liberal Studies is designed to enable a student to transfer to a four-year college/university, this degree emphasizes student completion of 34 hours of general education, 24 hours in two areas of concentration (in two disciplines), and 3 hours of free electives, and I credit hour of University Studies (LIBR 150). Students interested in the Liberal Studies degree may choose to pursue one of three paths:

Path for Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Majors who passionately wish to seek an accomplishment in more than two complementary fields, with the ideal that such diversity is mutually sustaining.

Path of Focused Competencies

Majors who desire to develop strong interests in a particular field in two fields within Liberal Studies but outside the University's identified majors. Strongly encouraged to seek advise from your Academic Navigator.

Path for Self-Seekers

Majors who intent to utilize the Liberal Studies major to develop a stronger sense of themselves in order to develop their further interests as they self discover. To achieve this, sign-up an appointment with your Academic Navigator.

Program Goals and Objectives

Human Relationship Skills -The application of values, collaboration skills, standards, and ethical judgment required for personal and professional interaction.
Global Perspectives -The ability to examine a concept in contexts and from perspectives other than one’s own.
Critical Thinking -The ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information in a logical and coherent manner.
Communication Skills -The ability to express ideas and share knowledge in a clear, focused, and organized manner.
Quantitative Reasoning -The application of computational methods and numerical data interpretation to solve problems.
Technical Skills -The theoretical and applied knowledge for career entry and continued professional development.
Investigative Skills - The application of strategies, resources, and attitudes to find solutions and gain knowledge.