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Tuition & Fees

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of the cost of being enrolled per semester ( Two consecutive Terms in Fall & Spring) as the typical student attending Leighton University (excluding other costs such as technology equipment and software, stationaries, housing, subsistence, etc.). The Cost of Attendance is based on the actual enrollment status for each student. Initial COAs and awards are assessed at full-time enrollment.

An education from Leighton  University is both valuable and affordable.  Be sure to check other fees and course fees in addition to basic tuition and University fees for a full picture of what you’ll pay.  Additional fees, such as honor society membership dues, graduation honor cords, and others are not included on the schedule of charges. Students are responsible for ensuring that all tuition and fees are paid. Registration is not complete until you have paid or made arrangements to pay for your tuition and fees. If you have an outstanding balance from prior terms, this must be paid/resolved before payment for the current term will be accepted.

Commitment Tuition Never Goes Up!

The Tuition Commitment is available to all first-year/transfer students as well as transfer students entering in the following F6.1 and S6.1 Terms. The Commitment does not apply to part-time students. See additional information by visiting the Tuition Commitment page.

Dropped on Non-Payment Policy

The registration process is not complete until you have paid all fees and charges. The university may drop you from your courses after the fee payment deadline if you owe a balance to the university. A $100 reinstatement fee will be charged to re-enroll in any dropped courses.

Payment Plan and Advance Payments

Are you unable to pay your account balance in full or have funds arriving after the payment deadline? To avoid Term late fees or possibly being dropped for non-payment, make sure you contact the Business Office or enroll in a payment plan before the fee payment deadline.

Undergraduate Per Semester Tuition Schedule

Degree Per Credit Hour *    CostPer Full Time Enrollment (12-18 credit hours)
Associate's Science in Business Administration$195.00$2, 340.00
Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration$195.00$2, 340.00
Other Associate's of Science$195.00$2, 340.00
Other Bachelor's of Science$195.00$2, 340.00

Graduate Per Semester Tuition Schedule

Degree Per Credit Hour *    CostPer Full Time Enrollment (9- 12 credit hours)
Master's of Education                            $265.00                   $2, 385.00

Fees and other Charges

Technology fee (per course)$  30.00
Prior Learning Assessment – experiential learning portfolio assessment (per course evaluated)$125.00
Insufficient funds fee$  10.00
Graduation fee$150.00
Replacement/Duplicate Diploma$  45.00
Official Transcript$  10.00
Education Records – Per page$    0.50


*Rates are per credit hour. Most courses are three (3) credit hours. Tuition and fees are payable in U.S. funds. Tuition Rates are subject to change. A Semester has 2 (8wks) or 3 (6weeks) Terms. 

**The Technology Fee is fully refundable if a student does not attend beyond Day 7 of a course. After this time, the fee becomes non-refundable. 

FAQs on Finance

Students are advised to check their financial account in MyLeighton frequently and make immediate payment arrangements for any charges due.  Student financial accounts are dynamic and subject to change due to adding of classes, surcharges, fines, etc.

A payment plan option is available for any student in any given Term (6-week and 8-week). Enrollment in the payment plan offers the flexibility that allows you to enter a monthly payment with an electronic desk or a credit/debit card.  The establishment of a payment plan requires an enrollment fee for the payment plan charged by the vendor each academic Term.

Cash, money order, cashier check, business check, and personal check (with account holder's date of birth and id number included). We accept all credit and debit cards: (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). The University does not accept checks issued through credit card accounts. Temporary cards or gift cards are also not accepted.

Yes, Leighton accepts arrangements to bill a third-party sponsor. The student must provide the Bursar with a voucher authorizing the University to directly bill the third party agency. The voucher instrument must be presented to the Bursar no later than the due date indicated on your bill. The student will also e required to remit payment for any amount not covered by the third party voucher.

Late fees and penalties may apply. In addition, the University’s Bursars hold may be placed on your record. None attendance to active courses does not satisfy the need to formally drop your class. To avoid charges, you must drop the classes in MyLeighton prior to the start of the term. The Bursar’s Office is available to assist you with any questions you have concerning your bill payment.

No. All online classes at Leighton University are taken for credit, and the per-credit tuition applies.

NOTE:     The listing of any fee or incidental charge on this Web site does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. As a condition of registration, each student will pay the fees in effect for the Term for which he or she registers.

To provide affordable, quality education and to assist you in your educational goals, Leighton is committed to keeping tuition affordable.