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Bachelors of Science – Paralegal Studies

One of the valuable resources to a law office is a paralegal as he or she has the role of performing substantive legal work delegated and supervised by the lawyer.  Examples of legal work delegated to a paralegal includes assisting with trial preparation, drafting legal documents, work with attorneys to develop legal arguments, motions and other case filings, performing research, active involvement in real estate closing, and others.

From law firms and corporate legal departments to government entities and insurance companies, paralegals work in various types of organizations. The Paralegal Studies Bachelor's of Science (B.S.) degree at Leighton University is a four-year program that prepares you to go directly into a specialized career as a paralegal. At Leighton University, we can supply you with the knowledge needed to become a qualified paralegal. Choosing Leighton Bachelor's of Science in Paralegal Studies program is a solid step toward a new career.

Name of the Degree
( B.S.) Bachelor's of Science in Paralegal Studies.

Number of Credit Hours to Meet Degree Requirements
Student will have completed 120 credit hours or approximately 40 courses..

Possible Number of Transfer Credit
70 credit hours from a community college and up to 90 credit hours from another 4-years college or university.

Program Goals

Graduates of the program will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

Apply communication and problem-solving skills to gauge and supply needed information to supervising attorneys, colleagues, and clients, and to assist the supervising attorney(s) with interviews, pre-trial preparation, depositions, trials, and the preparation of legal documents;
Perform the duties of an entry level paralegal in a law firm or other legal work setting.
Understand the ethical rules and concerns in the legal profession
Perform legal research using both printed and electronic sources.
Draft a variety of office memorandum and legal documents, accurately prepare legal forms, and summarize legal documents;
Utilize oral and written communication skills through the preparation of legal documents and by conducting research, interviews, and investigations;
Awareness of the need to maintain and update legal skills and knowledge of the legal profession through continuing education, independent learning, and/or community service.

Critical Graduation Information

To earn a degree, all students must:

Earn a minimum total of 120 credits, excluding credits below the 100-level
Meet the general education requirements referenced here.
For Transfers, earn a minimum of 30 credits from Leighton University to meet degree requirements
Have earned a grade of ¨C¨ or better in order to apply transfer credit an accredited institution.
Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate.

Apply Now

Leighton University follows a rolling admissions process, meaning decisions are reached on completed applications soon after all necessary materials are received by the University's Office of Admissions. Students will usually be informed of the admissions decision approximately within 14 days the Office of Admissions receives the completed application together with the accompanying materials.