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Graduate Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer to Master's Programs

If graduate credit earned at an accredited institution constitutes a logical part of the student's program, transfer of credit may be allowed when recommended by the student's major professor and graduate coordinator and when approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.  Such transfer credit cannot exceed the following scale and must fall within the time limit of the degree:

Program Credit Hours    Transfer up to

30-39                                     6 credits

40-49                                     8 credits

50-59                                     10 credits

60-69                                     12 credits

70+                                         14 credits

No grade below B may be transferred. The courses to be transferred may not have been used to fulfill a degree program's requirements at another institution. Transfer grades are not used in calculating cumulative averages. All requests for transfer credit, with accompanying official transcripts, must be in the School of  Graduate Studies by the midpoint of the semester in which the student