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Minor in General Business

Minor Program At A glance

Minor in Business [General]

Undecided about which business minor to pursue?

The perfect way to start studying business right away without committing to a specialized major for two years. The minor in business is designed for students with a major outside of the School of Business who wish to pursue a collateral area in business. All Business students follow the core business curriculum through the sophomore year of study, so you won't fall behind on your graduation goal.

This plan enables you to take the entry-level course in accounting, economics, management, marketing, statistics and legal studies prior to deciding which major best suits your skills and career goals. You'll have a much better feel for what you might excel in, plus the advantage of studying different majors and talking with faculty before you declare.

Curriculum Requirements

The General Business minor will be posted on a student's academic transcript, but not on the diploma. The following requirements must be met for the completion of the minor:

        • The minor requires no fewer than 18 academic credits, with at least nine credits at the upper level (300- or 400-level courses)
        • The student may use a maximum of six credits to satisfy the requirements of both a major and a minor
        • Courses completed in one minor may not be used to satisfy the requirements in another minor
        • No more than two of the required foundation courses (or six credits) may be taken at an institution other than the three of the four foundational courses transferred into Leighton may be used.
        • At least one upper-division credits applied to the minor must be taken at Leighton University
        • No course with an earned grade below “C-" may count towards a general business minor
Information on the General Business minor curriculum is listed in the official University Catalog.