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Enrollment and Student Affairs

Get to Know Us!

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs supports the University by attracting, enrolling, retaining, and graduating highly qualified, diverse students. The Division works with prospective and current students, families, faculty, and staff across the University on the admissions and enrollment experience from their first visit to our website to the application process and enrollment  – including selecting a major of their interest and enrolling in classes.

Our Mission

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs recruits, enrolls, and strives to retain students through a rich and unparalleled array of essential services, engagement opportunities, and programs to prepare students to become their best selves and create meaningful lives to graduate a diverse community of student-scholars who are enabled choose and pursue their career, educational purposefully personal goals.

Our Vision

The Division’s vision is to work with in partnership with members of the University community to transform the lives and communities of the students we serve.  Our activities include:

Work with the Leighton University community members to transform the lives and communities of the students we serve.
Engage in data-driven decision-making that will enhance the continuum from pre-enrollment to post-graduation.
Develop coordinated communications, operational efficiencies, and exceptional customer service.
Stimulate success for all students in their academic journey and pride ourselves in delivering excellent student service.
Provides an efficient, customer-friendly experience for students, staff, faculty, and our community.
Guide students as they matriculate through their identified programs and connect them with array of services available.
Support student experiences and success by partnering closely with faculty and staff.
Foster student learning and development by providing a recommended sequence of courses and engaging students in their academic plans.