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Online Experience

Frequently Asked Questions!

Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student we work hard to ensure that you’ll have a full college experience. From an array of online events, to many networking opportunities, you’ll gain both the education you need to excel and the support you need on your pathway to earning that degree.

If you're a Leighton University graduate or undergraduate student, check with your Navigator before submitting the course-enrollment form or registering online, so you can make sure that credit for the course will count toward your degree.

If you're a graduate or undergraduate degree elsewhere in a college or University, consult the appropriate official at your college or University to make sure the credit you earn at Leighton is transferrable toward your degree.

Upon the successful completion of the class, you will receive Leighton University course credits.

The standard for grading will be established by the course professor and based on published University policy and outlined on the class syllabus. The grade earned is equivalent to semester credits.

Once you receive your LU NetID, the course professor will contact you from within via email with instructions for accessing your course materials and syllabus, which may include other class information. All of these documents and others can be found on Canvas. If not, please contact the school offering the course.

Many Leighton courses do not need a class presence; Your courses are delivered asynchronously via Canvas. You visit the course activities and material on your own schedule and complete assignments within a scheduled timeframe. While rare, you may be required to meet at set times if the course has a specific component, such as a special quest speaker. In that case, that portion of the class will be synchronous, which requires you to attend lectures at a set time. The course instructor will announce the scheduled activity ahead of time to allow students to make changes to their schedule to accommodate the synchronous activity.

As a general guideline, for each hour spent in your within your course on canvas, you should plan on two to three hours each week completing your homework.

While the course is 6-weeks or 8-weeks, remember that it is the work of an entire semester offered in a compressed time frame. In general, you should plan to spend at least 37.5 clock hours in your online class.

Any questions about assignments, material, or any other part of the class should be directed to the course professor by email or phone or through Canvas (the instructional software).