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Our Academic Navigators will help you chart your academic course, and our Career Advisors will make sure you’re developing the experience you need to get the career you want.

Are you a working adult with kids or a tight schedule?

We have students just like you. Students who:
  • Work full-time.
  • Take care of families.
  • Started college and then stopped.
  • Have never been to college.
  • Are single parents or grandparents.
  • Are looking for a new career path and already have a degree.
  • Are Looking to get retrained or advance skills.

We already know that most adult students are working while pursuing their degree. Juggling those responsibilities – not to mention spending time with family – can be nearly impossible to manage. Leighton University is a Adult Learner friendly Institution.  Adult learners, who are sometimes referred to as “non-traditional aged students”, are undergraduate students of 25 years or older. And, we recognize that adult learners have unique experiences and challenges.

Opportunities and Support

Academic opportunities at Leighton are designed to prepare you for not only your first or you next job but opportunities throughout your career. Your education will offer valuable experience that will look great on a resume and let you pursue the educational goals that excite you the most. At Leighton, we are entirely committed to helping you engage with your education that we have an entire offices devoted to hands-on support.

Frequently Asked Question

Many online courses are delivered asynchronously through Canvas. You have occasion announced by your professor to view class lectures on your own schedule and complete assignments within a scheduled time frame. You may be required to meet certain set times with the faculty member.

There may happen to be a few select cases where a segment of the course may require an asynchronous approach which may require you to, remotely, attend a lecture or lectures at a set time.

In many cases, it is not unusual to have access many days prior to the course and be able to begin readings and preparation many days early. Please consult your course professor to see if this is a possible option for your course.


One of the great things about taking a course online at Leighton is that students take charge and control of their schedules once the course has started. The University makes it possible that students can sign into the class at any time.
However, if you need to intermittently delay the date you actually start the course, two or three days later, it is best to contact your course professor and directly see if it is possible to catch up on a couple of days of delayed work.

If you are having technical problems, your first contact should be the IT HelpDesk. In most cases, they will be able to resolve your questions. The IT HelpDesk will also be able to direct you to the right resource if you need additional support.

Once you receive your LUNetID, the faculty member teaching the course will contact you with instructions for accessing the course materials, syllabus, and other class information.