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Online Learning

Your academic and career plans begin here
Choose from a wide range of undergraduate programs at the bachelor's and associate's levels in a variety of fields and disciplines. 

All programs & courses are fully online
Leighton University offers courses that are fully online, where all instruction and assignments are completed online using a learning management system.

Qualified professors with contemporary industry experience
Online courses feature the same quality of instruction, top-notch materials, and exacting standards.

Your classes are wherever and whenever!
People with full-time jobs find the convenience in online courses. Your class is completed on your PC regardless of time of the day or location.

Practice of Participation

While online courses do not meet at any specific time or place, they do have weekly deadlines throughout the the Term. Also, please remember – we also offer 6 week and 8 week courses during the summer months. The content taught in a 6 week or an 8-week class is the same amount of content taught over a 15-16 week regular semester in other universities.

It is easy to get started if you can answer “yes” to any of the questions below, Online courses at Leighton University may be a great option for you.

      • Do you need a flexible schedule to accommodate job and home responsibilities?
      • Would you like to earn college credit without leaving your home or workplace?
      • Can you work well at your own pace and still meet deadlines?
      • Are you self motivated?

Flexibility in Attendance

At Leighton, Online courses make it possible for students to earn college credit through flexible nontraditional classes. Busy professionals, individuals with family responsibilities, and people with challenging schedules can benefit from online learning. Online courses offer you the flexibility to engage in coursework whenever and wherever it’s convenient. We offer both individual online courses and degrees earned entirely online. These courses enable students and professors to communicate electronically using nontraditional formats such as audio and video, email, live chat sessions, teleconferencing, and more. Online courses utilize the Internet, making it convenient for you to complete assignments and interact with your instructors and classmates online, and from any location using a computer and Internet connection.  All degree programs consist of CORE (General Education) courses in a variety of disciplines that include math, English, computers, sociology, writing, history, psychology and much more. Support in these courses is readily available to all students.