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Accessibility Services

Through the Office of Accessibility Services [OAS], the University provides reasonable accommodations for students with access needs. OAS verifies eligibility for accommodations and works with eligible students to develop and coordinate plans to provide those accommodations. OAS is committed to ensuring equal access to quality education for qualified students with access needs through the provision of reasonable academic accommodations and auxiliary aids that support college standards and academic integrity.

As you know, the University is legally required to provide reasonable accommodations for students with access needs, and faculty play a critical role in this process. A broad range of access needs can affect a student's performance in the classroom, and each student's specific disability and academic needs are unique. It is the policy, therefore of Leighton University, through the Office of Accessibility Services [OAS], to provide reasonable accommodations for all qualified individuals with accessibility needs. Federal law, the Rehabilitation Act of 1993, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Communication with the student is essential to discovering methods of accommodation. Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of the individual student and the nature of the student's course of study. It is always most effective and beneficial when the student, faculty member, and OAS work together to provide these accommodations so that students with access needs are allowed equal access to all the University has to provide.

Our Mission

The Office of Accessibility Services is committed to providing professional, confidential, and reasonable accommodations for students with documented assess needs and works to ensure access to university's resources and programs. We are committed to the provision of a truly inclusive and equitable learning and professional growth environment that fosters a University experience of the highest quality for all our students.

What we Offer

Accommodations are individualized based on the needs of each student as identified in documentation of the student's disability. Examples of what we can do include:

Review of documentation to establish eligibility for services
Online course requirement accommodations.
Materials in alternative formats
Equipment loan related to academic needs
Extended time to complete homework assignments.
Extended time for taking tests