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Transfer Credits

Acceptance of Transfer Hours

We accept transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions and candidates for regional accreditation.

Knowing how your credits will transfer and apply to your degree requirements is very important. This page outlines important Leighton University policies, including the transferability of credits and credit evaluation for students completing their first degree.

Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credit Maximums to a Leighton Bachelor of Science Program

  • 2-year schools: Maximum of 64 credits
  • 4-year schools: Maximum of 90 credits
  • More than one school: Maximum of 90 credits, including a limit of 64 credits from any 2-year schools

Transfer Credit Maximums to a Leighton Associates of Science Program

  • 2-year schools: Maximum of 45 credits
  • 4-year schools: Maximum of 45 credits
  • More than one school: Maximum of 45 credits, including a limit of 45 credits from any 2-year schools.

Grade Requirements

  • The minimum grade required for transfer credit is a D (1.0).
  • Some Leighton University degree requirements require a C (2.0) or higher, including the Leighton CORE requirement of ENG 111 and ENGL 112.
  • Courses with a grade lower than a C will transfer even if they need to be repeated at Leighton University.

Course Level

  • Courses will transfer at the same level they were taken, whether it was a lower-level numbered 100-299 or an upper-level course that is numbered 300-499.
  • Community college courses will always transfer as lower-level. These can be recognized as equivalent to upper-level Leighton courses if the same content. Still, they will not apply to the graduation requirement for the upper-level units.

Non-transferable Coursework

Courses that are not parallel or discipline-compatible with Leighton courses will not transfer. This includes the following types of coursework:

  • Developmental or remedial courses.
  • Institutional credit or courses not counted toward graduation.
  • Technical or occupational courses.
  • Separate 1-credit lab courses which are not taught as a separate lab at Leighton and were not taken with a companion lecture course.

Credit Evaluation

In collaboration with the School and the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Admissions completes official credit evaluations for each enrolled transfer student before their first Term at Leighton. We require official transcripts from each institution attended. We will evaluate all coursework completed before your first term at Leighton University.

Evaluation Timeline

There are three critical points in Leighton’s credit evaluation process: your admission, your enrollment, and submission of your final transcript.

  • Admission: You will be given a preliminary estimate of total transfer credits based on your transcripts at the time of entry. This is based on earned credits and does not reflect courses in progress.
  • Enrollment:Once you submit your enrollment contract, we will evaluate and post your transfer credits to your online student academic information center on Populi.
  • Final Transcript:You must submit your final official transcript before attending registering for classes.

Transfer Evaluation Policies

The key objective of the transfer credit evaluation is to determine how your transfer courses fit into your Leighton University degree requirements. The review is divided into two main sections: courses applied to the CORE Curriculum and free electives/potential major courses. Transfer students must complete the CORE Curriculum –  Leighton's general education program.

If you have completed more than the maximum transferable number of credits, we will prioritize transferring the courses you need to satisfy CORE Curriculum and major requirements. The policies below are part of the credit evaluation process:

Core Curriculum Transfer Policies

  • General education courses taken at your previous institution(s) will be applied to the Core Curriculum based on the general education category.
  • Free Electives/Potential Major Courses
  • If a course is directly equivalent to a course required by your major, it will transfer as that course without the need for review.
  • Courses that have not previously been reviewed for a course equivalency will transfer as elective credit. These may require departmental review before they can be applied to the major.
  • Any courses that are transferable but not applicable to your major will be considered free electives to appropriate 62 or the 120-semester credit hours to the degree.

Course Equivalencies

In cases where the transfer courses are already equivalent to courses at Leighton and the course equivalency has already been approved, it will transfer directly as that Leighton course following evaluation and the transfer process.

Some courses are transferable but have not been reviewed yet for a Leighton course equivalency. Leighton’s evaluators will transfer courses as elective credit in the appropriate discipline in these instances.

Current Students

If you have already transferred to Leighton University but still have questions about your transfer credits, please contact the Academic Success Center for assistance.

Still, have questions?

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