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University gets a new website

Leighton University unveils an excitingly designed website on February 1, 2019. The website which features an easy to use navigation system, is designed to be more user-friendly, versatile and contemporary and high performing technical platform which will readily give the University a visual identity on the digital highway

The University contracted, a website design firm in South Carolina to design the state of the art website that will serve as an information hub to those interested in academic and community services of University. The website is Leighton’s primary channel for communication, information distribution, and resources for students, faculty and staff, and other external constituent. The website takes a user-centered approach to design and offers a level of detail to information to portray what the University represents and how it does “business.”

During the website development process, Leighton’s web team collaborated with a broad-based committee comprising academics, marketing and business consultants, and individuals who fit the profile of our service market. The team also conducted usability testing throughout the process.

Following the launching of the website, the university Chancellor James Takona said: we’ve achieved a great deal in the establishment of a new institution but there is still a lot more to do and I’m very excited about the various initiatives were planning are planning to deliver in the next several months.”