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Adult Learners

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Adult Learners

It's never too early or late to plan for your college education. Leighton University supports non-traditional college age students getting a start towards a degree. Adult Admission is designated to facilitate the admission of adult students. An adult student is someone who graduated from high school (or home school or GED) at least five years ago and has never attended college. You’re considered a nontraditional student if you fit into that descriptor.  For admission purposes, you may also belong to descriptor if previously attended college, completed fewer than 26 transferable semester hours of college credit.

The Adult Admissions Program is designed to facilitate the admission of adult students. Adult students may enroll in a non-degree status without submitting transcripts or test scores. Here’s what you need to submit to apply as a degree seeking student to Leighton University:

    • A completed application accessible at
    • Your official high school transcript (mailed directly to the Admissions Office at Leighton University from your high school) or your GED score. (You must be at least 19 years of age to submit a GED score)
    • Non-refundable /non-transferrable application fee of $15.00 (US dollars in the form of Money Order, Cash or Credit Card)
    • If previously attended college, submit your college transcript(s).