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Marketing Programs


Career Outcomes of the Program
Upon completion of the Marketing Program, graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in administration, marketing, and sales

Interested in a Marketing Career?
If you are interested in a career in marketing, one of the first things you need to know is what type of background is required.

Critical Knowledge Mass
The Marketing program will provide you with the critical knowledge and skills needed to enter and advance your career in the marketing and sales professions.

Discover the Leighton Difference . . .

Marketing is an ideal field of study if you want an action-oriented, challenging, and in-demand career where you will be solving business problems using analysis and creativity.

For students entering the business world, marketing offers exciting opportunities. Do you want to translate creative ideas into practical realities? Do you want to develop innovative business strategies from in-depth data analysis? Do you want to engage clients and business partners and demonstrate how your product provides value? If you find these possibilities intriguing, marketing may be for you.

Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration/Marketing

This program will provide its students with a comprehensive knowledge of marketing along with the skills necessary for effective decision making in a business environment that is diverse, global, and highly competitive. A major in marketing opens the door to career opportunities in a myriad of places: from advertising and retailing to market research and public relations.

Leighton's Business Administration / Marketing majors at both the Associate's and the Bachelor's levels explore leadership roles in business and the community, providing students with the perceptual and analytical skills necessary to make decisions and evaluate policies in business and to develop an understanding of the social, economic, and regulatory environments in business. All  students earning a degree in Business Administration develop a significant understanding consumers, product design and quality, pricing, channels of distribution and advertising. They learn about the latest business trends and how to respond quickly and effectively to change.

Associate's of Science in Business Administration / Marketing

Marketing is defined as being the intermediary function between product development and increasing brand awareness. The Marketing specialization graduates are prepared to play a role in developing marketing strategies for an organization. Student develop an understanding of product pricing strategies, product life cycles, consumer behavior, professional selling and product/business promotion.

What is Marketing anyway?

While many people think marketing is all about sales and advertising, that perception is far from what marketing encompasses. Marketing means satisfying the wants and needs of customers by building mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and customers. By creating value for customers, marketers help increase the value of organizations. Marketing tools and strategies are used in both for-profit business and non-profit organizations. Marketing involves a wide array of activities that promote commerce, benefit organizations, and satisfy human needs. Marketing includes advertising, public relations, market research, sales management, product development, and management.